Some days are better than most

But that doesn’t mean I’ll pass one up for the other. There comes moments in my life where I question my motives, my goals–ambitions. And maybe it happens to a lot of us so I try hard not to think so much into it. I feel that as long as you know what you wantContinue reading “Some days are better than most”

Who knew being a superhero would be so hard

I’m sorry I’ve been so distantI can’t seem to find the energy to write the thoughts my mind creates yet I’m doing more push ups then usual hoping to drown in my own sweat and uncover what’s really been bothering me. I’ve been feeling like a super hero lately yet I don’t stop to saveContinue reading “Who knew being a superhero would be so hard”

i figured it out

I’m finding myself morethan lost. I seem to be wandering this path rather thanjustwalking it Wish I came around more but my camera is up on the shelf and I can’t bring myselfto take it back down—- But everything’s fine and life is moving! There’s plans in fruition it front of my face I seeContinue reading “i figured it out”

I was doing it wrong 2017

Lost soul wandering the walk of life switching between heels and kicks every step that it takes.In hopes to run off a cliff instead of building bridges just to burn them down to the same amount of ash I create every night.I’d rather bury myself alive than bury my “self” alive and bring everyone downContinue reading “I was doing it wrong 2017”


I could cry at the sight of all these friends I surround myself with.Heartbroken but love sick,how could this be;I can’t help but to fall for every single person that I meet-I’m in love;A loner and probably always will be.My heart craves for this connection that I always feel all around mebut never a partContinue reading “4:44”

What Am I To Do?

What am I to do, When my heart calls for something further? What am I to do, When I aim to cause no harm, pain, hurt, or sorrow—yet, many tears are shed when I try and follow my hearts call. What am I to do? Do I follow the path my soul only feels contentContinue reading “What Am I To Do?”

I have to remind myself that the Era I live in, is the Era I’m meant to be in

I spend many moments throughout my days, feeling the slight anxiousness of a fast-paced society. I think about leaving the city–as I have before; I imagine my self living a penniless life, somewhere in the mountains, surviving off the land. This is how I keep the awareness of my stillness, always. I think to myself.Continue reading “I have to remind myself that the Era I live in, is the Era I’m meant to be in”

Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ve been enjoying quiet mornings lately; distant birds, occasional passing cars, the silence —not that you get much of it downtown. A lot has been going on lately with the energy of the world but I can’t think back to a calmer time. I guess those times are the ones that a day can goContinue reading “Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

I’m 21 now, I should be happy!

In my Downtown LA apartment, I pace back and forth with thoughts of future endeavors running through my brain; I should be traveling I should be writing I should be writing I should be writing I should be writing. Poetry doesn’t sell anymore what am I saying. Maybe I should work on fiction; yeah fiction.Continue reading “I’m 21 now, I should be happy!”

As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,

I find myself putting in no effort. I have a habit of not practicing what I preach, yet I still preach it anyways. These past few weeks I’ve been finding the noise in my head less tolerable. I desperately need meditation in my life. But I continue my usual routine of get up, go toContinue reading “As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,”