Dreams are what’s beyond the surface

I can’t even begin to explain the dreams that fill my mind at night. What are these? Glimpses of the subconscious? Or trips to other realms? Who’s to say the subconscious isn’t just another realm? Last night, I dreamt the end of the world. I’ve had this dream in multiple ways, times before but thisContinue reading “Dreams are what’s beyond the surface”

Where do the days go, if not with you?

I must leave soon so the most I can say, is to love. Love existence. Love it all. There’s nothing more than that and if you do find something else, it very much may be a lie. Where could I go, if not with you? Where do the days go, if not with you? TheContinue reading “Where do the days go, if not with you?”

Welcome to the 555 Portal!

Welcome to the 555 Portal! Where all your dreams come true! No seriously though, if there wasn’t a better time to reach for what you want, now is the time. I never really know when these things are going to happen unless it’s blatantly obvious (12/12/12, 11/11/11). A major sign for me is when it’sContinue reading “Welcome to the 555 Portal!”

I’m Shivering in My Loves Sweater

It’s morning and I am cold, shivering in My Love’s sweater. After a beautiful morning flow and workout, I watch my Haku groom herself at the door of our balcony. She stares out at the possibilities behind the screen while my heart stops a bit at the thought of her getting hurt. A true momContinue reading “I’m Shivering in My Loves Sweater”

Should I Be Ashamed?

That some days, I don’t want to write. The non-negotiables I write on my wall that I stare at in despair, should I be ashamed? Balancing it all is a circus act on it’s own, can one forgive me for wanting to run away from it all or will you turn your head? In shameContinue reading “Should I Be Ashamed?”

Before the Night Ends,

I stay true to my word. And even though I am doing something every day, there is still so much more to do. I must remember to take it one step at a time as my mind races to every other little thing. The Universe sends me messages; Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! TheContinue reading “Before the Night Ends,”

It’s late and I wish I never started

I say this and actually don’t know what I mean; I want a break and I say this as if I don’t have the option for one. I do but what I want is far greater than that. And with that, I cannot break just yet—even if I tried. The air was so warm todayContinue reading “It’s late and I wish I never started”

It’s Tuesday and I didn’t write yesterday

I didn’t write yesterday even though I tried. My morning filled my time and the night brought me no words. Instead I pondered the idea of writing for someone else and how that could be. I want to make money off writing yet I do it as if it were a chore and cry atContinue reading “It’s Tuesday and I didn’t write yesterday”

Last week I had a dream of this very moment

or should I say, a lunar eclipse. It wasn’t a very important dream yet I woke up looking up the next lunar eclipse anyways. It was in a week. That I could say was probably the most exciting part of the dream because to tell you the truth I don’t remember it at all. ButContinue reading “Last week I had a dream of this very moment”

Here’s a late post to add to the collection

Since I’ve come to terms with my current situation (and yes, it took a little bit), I’ve decided to actually state what is happening. So, my lovely readers, I, Natalia Lee, am giving up my first apartment ever. Yes, yes, I know. Why would I do that? Well, if you must know, I never trulyContinue reading “Here’s a late post to add to the collection”