los angeles

Do people read on Saturdays?

What’s usually associated with weekends in LA are hang overs and beach days so I’m sure at some point someone is reading something.. It’s Saturday and I’m up before My Love in order to get some work done. My Cat Haku and I watch a man below our balcony weed-whack the side of our street […]


What a day, what a day

No matter how early it is, it’s never early enough. I wonder what the days are like for you. It’s nice today. The air is cool while the sun warms your skin. There’s a slight breeze and not too much noise to drown it out. My Love & I just parted. We left eachother in […]


It’s early and I wish I had a coffee

But I’ve been spending too much at Starbucks and I don’t make as nearly as good a cup myself. It’s Tuesday and no matter what happens today, I will be open, loving, and receiving. I will remain innocent and under the arms and eyes of God. I will take care of myself. I will treat […]