It’s a new day, do you feel it?

The year is coming to an end soon and it feels as if every day that passes, is a day closer to this inevitable end. I’m trying not to take any moment for granted. I aim to accomplish more than I expect by the time the new year comes and I hope it doesn’t becomeContinue reading “It’s a new day, do you feel it?”

Alone on Thanksgiving

I really wish it was colder around this time. L.A. makes it a bit hard to enjoy the holidays and here I am sweating in my tiny apartment waiting for… something. I don’t know what. Maybe the miracle that a few more square feet would open up in here and allow room for a ChristmasContinue reading “Alone on Thanksgiving”

I slept all morning

And a part of me regrets it. I ended up staying up a bit later than usual this weekend while having to wake up even earlier the next day. My sleep last night was to make up for that. And now I’m hours behind on things I must do and it’s the small part withinContinue reading “I slept all morning”

I didn’t know life would be this hard/easy

I don’t know if someone warned me. Maybe they did. I’ve heard phrases of working hard and being strong. I wonder if they were ever directed towards me. I didn’t know life would be this hard. I didn’t know life would be this easy. There are some people who figured it out; there are someContinue reading “I didn’t know life would be this hard/easy”

It’s early and I am committed

Committed to writing this post, committed to writing my life. Things haven’t been too easy lately (not that I ever expected them to be). I’ve started a new job and though that hasn’t been the struggle, it’s the balance between that, my other job, and my business that causes friction. I spoke to Maa yesterdayContinue reading “It’s early and I am committed”

Where have my words gone?

I wish you could tell me the answer to my questions. The truth is, I’m not really sure what is happening; nor where I am going. I want to write, I do. Yet something hinders me from coming to this point of writing words. Most of the time I can’t find them. And I writeContinue reading “Where have my words gone?”

Do you feel the veil thinning?

It’s an All Hallow’s Eve, and the day couldn’t have started any better; My dwelling, surrounded by fog so thick, there was nothing else to see. You couldn’t tell the time but you knew what day it was. You can almost feel the merging of spirits from a long-lost past. How comfortable it is… HowContinue reading “Do you feel the veil thinning?”

It’s Sunday and you’re beautiful

It takes a while to understand the Truth. Some of us are just born knowing it. I, for one, wasn’t. And though I understand now at 23, sometimes I still forget. In a Divine world, it’s easy for this to happen. Ironic, isn’t it? Oh but the Universe knows so well. It’s all a littleContinue reading “It’s Sunday and you’re beautiful”

How hard could it be?

Harder than it seems. Running a business is not easy. I don’t think any one ever said it was, honestly. Maybe I just had a small doubt in my mind that it would be. Oh well. Lately, I’ve been struggling with waking up early. I say that as if it’s something new. I wish itContinue reading “How hard could it be?”