Today’s beautiful, couldn’t you agree?

As I returned to my apartment at 9 am, a sharp beam of light laid itself across my floor from the window. The sun was here. Specks of golden dust floated in the air as if they were spreading the light just to brighten my day. This is my favorite part. I spent my entireContinue reading “Today’s beautiful, couldn’t you agree?”

As I say Good Morning to the rising sun,

I walk in awe as she sings her song. The warmth of her words find their way over hills and through cracks, preparing the earth for another day. Hello, she says so lightly I can only hear but a gentle breeze. I smile back in return as we exchange glances of acceptance and grace. WeContinue reading “As I say Good Morning to the rising sun,”

Chasing after the bus at 6 am,

Wasn’t how I expected to spend my morning— But I did. And now stuck between whats real and not, I’m wondering if this whole life is just the dream. Tired mind and baggy eyes, I don’t expect this day to get much better. I have an interview today after work for what will be myContinue reading “Chasing after the bus at 6 am,”

Today is my first day NOT in training

Today is my first day not in training. This means I will be working front of house, by myself. And no I’m not nervous or anything, I just hope I don’t screw it up. I find myself walking through dark skies of an electric strung city at 6:30 in the morning. I almost forgot aboutContinue reading “Today is my first day NOT in training”

All mornings feel the same.

Whether you’re in downtown Long Beach, or the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Its 6:22 in the morning and I am walking to work. My shift may start at 6:45, but I couldn’t take my chances with the bus. It’s foggy down here in LB, so when I first walked out,Continue reading “All mornings feel the same.”