Another morning, another chai

Would I ever get tired of this? Maybe so. The sun is bright today, showing for a warm day ahead. It’s Wednesday and today, I will create art. I’ve been looking forward to this day of the week so I guess in some way you can call it my self-care day. Have you had yourContinue reading “Another morning, another chai”

The days don’t get better

Have I said this before? And before the pessimistic ego gets in your way, no, I don’t mean life gets worse. The days don’t get better as in it can’t get any better than this! I know things may happen in our lives that seem like the top of the mountain or the most amazingContinue reading “The days don’t get better”

The morning’s glare

The morning’s glare pierced my skin as a hidden ray made it’s way onto my bed this early morning. Now the clouds cover the skies as if it’s mischievous actions never happened. It’s Thursday and if you know me by now, you should know I’m happy about that. Did you know I have a podcast?Continue reading “The morning’s glare”

You are nothing less than beautiful

My days fill up beautifully with words of Love and cherish. The more I leave My Love for our week ahead, the more my love grows through the short distance between us. In the night, I hear his call; no matter how deep the dream… It’s a warm day today and I look forward toContinue reading “You are nothing less than beautiful”

Love is Love is Love

The days go on and I’m not sure which ones are grey and which ones aren’t anymore. The clouds and blue skies intermix with each other so well I find myself asking, who are you today? Love is Love is Love. When we ask for Love, what do we ask for? To be loved? ToContinue reading “Love is Love is Love”


Okay, if you’ve been following my most recent coffee addiction, please note that it is over. I have found my love. It is Chai. I honestly never cared for Chai too much until I couldn’t think of a better alternative to a comfy cup of coffee other than matcha, which I only crave sometimes. NotContinue reading “OOOOO CHAI!”

It’s His grace that’s been placed on my head

It’s His grace that’s been placed on my headIt’s His grace that’s been placed on my headOh Bhagavan it’s your grace that’s been placed Up on my head Again and againYour grace has been placed on my… Sam Garrett – Grace The night begins to fall and I try to think of something other thanContinue reading “It’s His grace that’s been placed on my head”

I vow to write everyday

If a writer writes everyday, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. How do I expect to get anywhere with nothing to show for? It’s Tuesday today, and I’m stepping into who I will become. It seems every moment that passes me these past few days all I can think of is My Love & hisContinue reading “I vow to write everyday”

It isn’t Monday I let pass me,

but the right to stop when I could. Instead I overworked my eyes, making it hard to even write this post. As the leaves begin to fall through the summer heat, I realize no wonder things keep changing around me. I look at the lessons in my life and wonder if I give myself enoughContinue reading “It isn’t Monday I let pass me,”