It’s early, is there anything else for us to do?

When we work the regular sort of jobs that require us to go in and out around the same time of day, it can get a bit repetitive. We end up walking in line in our daily routines, yawning and stretching, wondering what else we could do. For those of us who work from home,Continue reading “It’s early, is there anything else for us to do?”

I’m busier now than ever

My words seem to be making it more on paper nowadays rather than on here. And as happy as I am to have this urge to write, I can’t help but to gloom about the delays happening in my business. There’s no one I need to apologize to and maybe it’s for good reason. IContinue reading “I’m busier now than ever”

I didn’t write yesterday

Instead I fell asleep at 7 PM and didn’t wake up again until 2 AM; a day gone by. I wonder if I needed that sleep… It’s Saturday and whether I like it or not, I have to work. Monday we’ll be reopening the studio so there’s a lot to prepare for. I look forwardContinue reading “I didn’t write yesterday”

Where has my poetry gone?

Looking through old works and times, I see the search for perfect words never seemed to slip my tongue. Where has my poetry gone? I hope to find them really soon under drawers of mispronunciation and soiled aged clothes. Yesterday, I did what I said I would. And luckily, I finished. I’ll be releasing itContinue reading “Where has my poetry gone?”

The morning’s glare

The morning’s glare pierced my skin as a hidden ray made it’s way onto my bed this early morning. Now the clouds cover the skies as if it’s mischievous actions never happened. It’s Thursday and if you know me by now, you should know I’m happy about that. Did you know I have a podcast?Continue reading “The morning’s glare”


Okay, if you’ve been following my most recent coffee addiction, please note that it is over. I have found my love. It is Chai. I honestly never cared for Chai too much until I couldn’t think of a better alternative to a comfy cup of coffee other than matcha, which I only crave sometimes. NotContinue reading “OOOOO CHAI!”