Where does time go when there’s none to exist?

I watched a canopy of yellow smog slowly make it’s way over my city this morning and it hasn’t left since. Under the amber light of the sun forcing it’s way through, I continued with my day in motion and production. I eventually found my way home through the dust that hit my throat fromContinue reading “Where does time go when there’s none to exist?”

This week I’m reflecting on my life

And how far I’ve actually come. Sometimes I wonder how I even got here. It feels like just a moment ago, I was living in NYC; finishing high school, dreaming California dreams. Now here I am, days from 23, wondering how I’ve survived out here this long. When there’s a will, there’s a way. IContinue reading “This week I’m reflecting on my life”

We’re already halfway?

I couldn’t be more grateful. Despite how long certain things may take, I’m learning that there is no rush for anything. There is only here and now and all I can do in this moment, is all I can do in this moment. It’s Wednesday, which means we’re already halfway through the work week. IContinue reading “We’re already halfway?”

You are nothing less than beautiful

My days fill up beautifully with words of Love and cherish. The more I leave My Love for our week ahead, the more my love grows through the short distance between us. In the night, I hear his call; no matter how deep the dream… It’s a warm day today and I look forward toContinue reading “You are nothing less than beautiful”

What a day, what a day

No matter how early it is, it’s never early enough. I wonder what the days are like for you. It’s nice today. The air is cool while the sun warms your skin. There’s a slight breeze and not too much noise to drown it out. My Love & I just parted. We left eachother inContinue reading “What a day, what a day”

it’s late and i wonder if you’ll notice this

i didn’t write earlier in the day and i wish i did. it’s late and i wonder if you’ll notice this. today i spent my hours doing the best i could at work and then running home to scavenge around for my own work to do. my podcast episodes have been glitching out lately soContinue reading “it’s late and i wonder if you’ll notice this”

Another Sunset with You Worth Spending

Any moment with you is one worth spending; Whether we stare at our screens or each other in the eyes— any moment with you is a moment worth spending. To me, these moments aren’t spent. Instead they roam and flutter about in the warm cool air of spring. I watch them pass me by likeContinue reading “Another Sunset with You Worth Spending”

Where are you today?

And where will you go? It’s Saturday; Usually on this day, I’m waking up next to My Love, contemplating how we’d spend our day and where we’d eat our breakfast. Instead, I sit behind my day job waiting for the time to tell me I’m free. 10:23How I hear Maa’s voice everywhere I go.. TheContinue reading “Where are you today?”

It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think

Today, I started my day on a work call. This call, I just got off. I will now, actually, be starting my day. And so, I write this to you. How are you? The day is bright and I’d like to add it didn’t start off this way (as it has been). I’ve been informedContinue reading “It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think”

It’s Monday and I Miss You More Than Ever

Sometimes, Mondays aren’t my favorite. Actually, I don’t think it’s ever been my favorite. On these days particularly though, I miss you more than ever. The moment I wave you good-bye, it’s as if I’m planting a boulder in my chest until the next time I see you. These grey days don’t help either. It’sContinue reading “It’s Monday and I Miss You More Than Ever”