I said I’d write something good

I wonder if anyone is here to hear it. It’s late at night and before I dim the light, I sit up writing and digesting my midnight comfort food. 12:12 Today, was an odd day. Though I worked as usual, my off-ness began early morning and continued throughout the day. During one of my meetingsContinue reading “I said I’d write something good”

Did I even write yesterday?

This morning I was awoken by the call of my boss. My deep slumber played me as a fool, telling me lies and forcing myself to neglect my duties. I apologize. No matter how many times I share the same information with you or myself, I hope that some day it will stick. I triedContinue reading “Did I even write yesterday?”

Before the night carries on,

I’d like to say I started a blog post earlier today since I had the time and it ended up sounding like a Starbucks ad. I’ve been to Starbucks 3 times this week. Twice, today. This is a rare occasion. Let me explain; I haven’t been food shopping since the move and I’ve been leavingContinue reading “Before the night carries on,”