Glad to see everyone’s doing fine…

When thinking about where I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met; a sense of comfort yet sadness always begins to arise within me. What if I stayed? was something I’d ask a lot. Watching everyone grow older before my eyes yet further from everything I knew them to be, I can beginContinue reading “Glad to see everyone’s doing fine…”

You may be making the BIGGEST business mistake

Through my research in marketing and advertising, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to reaching the people. While trying to dip my feet in the entertainment and business industry, I’ve met many people along the way. Some which to my surprise, are making a HUGE mistake when it comes to promoting whatever they’re selling,Continue reading “You may be making the BIGGEST business mistake”

All my friends are famous

Even though they were never my friends in the first place, it’s like watching the whole world blow up around you while your dead stuck in the middle. I have no motive to be where they are or even surpass it. Spending warm days and late nights roaming for the least bit of recognition, IContinue reading “All my friends are famous”