Today is my 23rd Birthday

And though there’s not much for me to say today, I thank God for making it this far. I am alive, I am happy, I am grateful. Years pass and some are great, some not so much. But I learned it’s all the same: the highs and lows, the lefts and rights. It’s all here,Continue reading “Today is my 23rd Birthday”

The days go by and I’m not getting any younger

Tomorrow is my birthday. Mentally, I am preparing to have a wonderful day as I physically work the rest of my hours tonight at my job. The week has been so busy the only time I get a chance to write these posts are mid-day to evening. That’s alright. 5:55. Perfect timing. Everyday, they goContinue reading “The days go by and I’m not getting any younger”

I have been nothing but blessed

Ever since I became aware of the presence of well, Presence, my life has dramatically changed. I’m not sure exactly what day or when it happened but I do remember a time when something ridiculous was going on. I can’t name the exact thing due to my lack of memory of it but I rememberContinue reading “I have been nothing but blessed”

What an Auspicious Week

I’ll be 23 soon and watching the days and numbers pass me by is like watching the clock tick in fast forward. The week leading up to my birthday always feels like a special one— no matter what I do. Every part of me holds in the urge to tell the world while I remindContinue reading “What an Auspicious Week”