Before I disappear into the Void,

I write this to you. It’s almost 9:30 PM and as the seconds pass, the more I fade out. Last night was my first night at my new apartment. I slept next to the balcony door (mainly because there are boxes and bags everywhere) to hopefully be awoken by the sunrise. Lucky for me, L.A.Continue reading “Before I disappear into the Void,”

It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing

Let me not say feel like dancing, I am dancing. I skipped, shuffled, and criss crossed down the street on my way to the bus today. It’s a gray day here in L.A. but the sun makes an appearance every now and then. It’s chilly with moments of warmth so you’re either shivering or sweating;Continue reading “It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing”

It’s a New Day and the World is Bright

It’s a new day and the world is bright. Some of you may read this and think of one thing in your life that is not bright. Well, I ask you to think of one thing that is. Can you think of another? Maybe another? There are always things around us to be grateful for.Continue reading “It’s a New Day and the World is Bright”

Your Existence Matters

For so long now, I believed that I had come to terms with my presence here on Earth. Originally, it wasn’t even a thing I pondered. Around the time I hit my preteen to teen years, I was personally going through a lot. Between having an unstable home and school life, I went through periodsContinue reading “Your Existence Matters”


It is your day to shine! Have you noticed how inspired I’ve been?? Spring is upon us and there is no more room for kicking back. I’ll be putting my all into thewritingsofnatalia and my manager position at the yoga studio. Have you been inspired to put things into action too? My boss has. AndContinue reading “HAPPY MONDAY BEAUTIFUL HUMAN!”