Are you enjoying your life?

Honestly, ask yourself this question; Am I enjoying my life? Most of us are raised to do good in school, work hard, and get a good paying job all so we can enjoy the remaining years of our life in contentment. If we’re lucky, some of us may get words of advice to find joyContinue reading “Are you enjoying your life?”

The Sacred Lies Within

The sacred lies within everything; within the silence, within the noise, within yourself. When being faced with things that are all too 3rd dimensional for me, where do I go? How can I return to the Source that I’m already within? … I hear a faint radio playing oldies somewhere deep within the mountains. IContinue reading “The Sacred Lies Within”

It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing

Let me not say feel like dancing, I am dancing. I skipped, shuffled, and criss crossed down the street on my way to the bus today. It’s a gray day here in L.A. but the sun makes an appearance every now and then. It’s chilly with moments of warmth so you’re either shivering or sweating;Continue reading “It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing”

What are these times?

I said I’d write so here I am. And though it’s on my schedule every week, I’m writing this because I have to. Because I said I would. It’s almost 8:30PM where I am and I’m sitting at the edge of my bed waiting… for a sign. My love is on his way to theContinue reading “What are these times?”