It’s a grey day in LA and I couldn’t be happier

This past weekend I spent basking in my new life of freedom and opportunity. Not to say that my life wasn’t always like this, but it’s the new sense of awareness that I’ve gained. I’ll be spending the rest of this week finishing up on some work that needs to be done. What will youContinue reading “It’s a grey day in LA and I couldn’t be happier”

It’s June & Some days aren’t like the rest

Yesterday, being one of them. Even though yesterday was a holiday, I expected my day to follow through as any other Monday. Lucky for me, it didn’t. Instead, I was given the day off and picked up by My Love and friends for a trip to the beach. This was not how I expected toContinue reading “It’s June & Some days aren’t like the rest”

It’s early and I wish I had a coffee

But I’ve been spending too much at Starbucks and I don’t make as nearly as good a cup myself. It’s Tuesday and no matter what happens today, I will be open, loving, and receiving. I will remain innocent and under the arms and eyes of God. I will take care of myself. I will treatContinue reading “It’s early and I wish I had a coffee”

Welcome to the 555 Portal!

Welcome to the 555 Portal! Where all your dreams come true! No seriously though, if there wasn’t a better time to reach for what you want, now is the time. I never really know when these things are going to happen unless it’s blatantly obvious (12/12/12, 11/11/11). A major sign for me is when it’sContinue reading “Welcome to the 555 Portal!”

The night creeps up on me

Through dried eyes and tough sleep, the night creeps up on me. I think of the possible energy shifts that may be going on as that’s usually one of the reasons for my increased need of sleep. Other than that, I anticipate the opportunities that will be presented to me in the upcoming week andContinue reading “The night creeps up on me”

Welcome to Monday

A new day, a new week. For some of you, Monday may be over and the next day awaits you. For others, it may still be Sunday. For me, it is Monday. A new day, a new week. I think for this week, we should focus of determination and willpower. One of my many keysContinue reading “Welcome to Monday”

Hello from the otherside of the world

It’s 8 in the morning and I wonder where you are. I’m in California. Today is beginning under clouds and drizzled rain that may lighten up as the day continues. This I find to be a normal routine in the spring. I’m sitting at my desk eating homemade Colombian soup, my favorite breakfast next toContinue reading “Hello from the otherside of the world”

Where are the lines drawn?

It’s late and I sneer at myself for not waking up earlier this morning. When one thing happens, it’s easy to fall off track. For me, this was moving. As the mornings become a bit more calm and more things become unpacked, my life looks for some stability. Here, again, begins my journey towards success.Continue reading “Where are the lines drawn?”

Before the Night Ends,

I stay true to my word. And even though I am doing something every day, there is still so much more to do. I must remember to take it one step at a time as my mind races to every other little thing. The Universe sends me messages; Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! TheContinue reading “Before the Night Ends,”

It’s His grace that’s been placed on my head

It’s His grace that’s been placed on my headIt’s His grace that’s been placed on my headOh Bhagavan it’s your grace that’s been placed Up on my head Again and againYour grace has been placed on my… Sam Garrett – Grace The night begins to fall and I try to think of something other thanContinue reading “It’s His grace that’s been placed on my head”