I have been nothing but blessed

Ever since I became aware of the presence of well, Presence, my life has dramatically changed. I’m not sure exactly what day or when it happened but I do remember a time when something ridiculous was going on. I can’t name the exact thing due to my lack of memory of it but I rememberContinue reading “I have been nothing but blessed”

I may be small but my Essence isn’t

The body that binds this energy to this world, is a little small. I fit into cracks and crevices I don’t belong and because of that, I’m useful. I can’t reach as high as you may but I can make you feel higher than you ever have been before. I may be small but myContinue reading “I may be small but my Essence isn’t”

Your Existence Matters

For so long now, I believed that I had come to terms with my presence here on Earth. Originally, it wasn’t even a thing I pondered. Around the time I hit my preteen to teen years, I was personally going through a lot. Between having an unstable home and school life, I went through periodsContinue reading “Your Existence Matters”