We’re already halfway?

I couldn’t be more grateful. Despite how long certain things may take, I’m learning that there is no rush for anything. There is only here and now and all I can do in this moment, is all I can do in this moment. It’s Wednesday, which means we’re already halfway through the work week. IContinue reading “We’re already halfway?”

I’ve been spending these past couple of days sick to my stomach

over stupidity. I wish I was joking and maybe it’s my own bullshit. I lay in bed because what else can I do besides work? Recently I’ve taken back up my 日本語 studies. If you’ve been with me since I first arrived in this state 2 years ago, you’d know how hard I was studyingContinue reading “I’ve been spending these past couple of days sick to my stomach”

I can’t imagine being anywhere but here

What I think about when I think about home, I cannot say. For a home I do not know, for a home I cannot stay. I’ve moved around so much there’s nothing stagnant in my life to go back to, even if I wanted. I think about all of those who have came and leftContinue reading “I can’t imagine being anywhere but here”

I’m 21 now, I should be happy!

In my Downtown LA apartment, I pace back and forth with thoughts of future endeavors running through my brain; I should be traveling I should be writing I should be writing I should be writing I should be writing. Poetry doesn’t sell anymore what am I saying. Maybe I should work on fiction; yeah fiction.Continue reading “I’m 21 now, I should be happy!”

This month I broke my own heart, again.

And made a choice that’ll be hard to not regret. My life is about to change immensely and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to death. In 2 days, I’ll be moving into my own studio apartment in LA; the same day I will be releasing the first chapter of what willContinue reading “This month I broke my own heart, again.”

As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,

I find myself putting in no effort. I have a habit of not practicing what I preach, yet I still preach it anyways. These past few weeks I’ve been finding the noise in my head less tolerable. I desperately need meditation in my life. But I continue my usual routine of get up, go toContinue reading “As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,”