It’s late but that doesn’t mean I forgot

Today was a good day. Busy and good. I’ll be trying to go to sleep a little earlier tonight since I have to be up early for the podcast. What have you been up to? Lately whenever someone asks me how I’ve been, I say, Good! Busy. And they tend to say, Busy is good.Continue reading “It’s late but that doesn’t mean I forgot”

It is Monday, oh dear, yes it is.

And today’s cloudy grey doesn’t seem to bother much. I began my morning in the shadowed dark as I lit my candles all around. It’s Monday; a day with no further schedule than usual other than wearing something a bit warmer than I thought. My Haku cries out the window as if crying for aContinue reading “It is Monday, oh dear, yes it is.”

We’re already halfway?

I couldn’t be more grateful. Despite how long certain things may take, I’m learning that there is no rush for anything. There is only here and now and all I can do in this moment, is all I can do in this moment. It’s Wednesday, which means we’re already halfway through the work week. IContinue reading “We’re already halfway?”

You are nothing less than beautiful

My days fill up beautifully with words of Love and cherish. The more I leave My Love for our week ahead, the more my love grows through the short distance between us. In the night, I hear his call; no matter how deep the dream… It’s a warm day today and I look forward toContinue reading “You are nothing less than beautiful”


Okay, if you’ve been following my most recent coffee addiction, please note that it is over. I have found my love. It is Chai. I honestly never cared for Chai too much until I couldn’t think of a better alternative to a comfy cup of coffee other than matcha, which I only crave sometimes. NotContinue reading “OOOOO CHAI!”

It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think

Today, I started my day on a work call. This call, I just got off. I will now, actually, be starting my day. And so, I write this to you. How are you? The day is bright and I’d like to add it didn’t start off this way (as it has been). I’ve been informedContinue reading “It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think”