“I’m almost there” in a place of no destination

As this site grows, I have no other choice but to grow with it. Recently, I’ve finished my Therapeutic Yoga certification course. And I passed. With deadlines and more tasks, I ask myself where a break for me lays. Thinking about this made me realize I never really will get a break. At least notContinue reading ““I’m almost there” in a place of no destination”

Another morning, another chai

Would I ever get tired of this? Maybe so. The sun is bright today, showing for a warm day ahead. It’s Wednesday and today, I will create art. I’ve been looking forward to this day of the week so I guess in some way you can call it my self-care day. Have you had yourContinue reading “Another morning, another chai”

It’s June & Some days aren’t like the rest

Yesterday, being one of them. Even though yesterday was a holiday, I expected my day to follow through as any other Monday. Lucky for me, it didn’t. Instead, I was given the day off and picked up by My Love and friends for a trip to the beach. This was not how I expected toContinue reading “It’s June & Some days aren’t like the rest”

It is Monday, oh dear, yes it is.

And today’s cloudy grey doesn’t seem to bother much. I began my morning in the shadowed dark as I lit my candles all around. It’s Monday; a day with no further schedule than usual other than wearing something a bit warmer than I thought. My Haku cries out the window as if crying for aContinue reading “It is Monday, oh dear, yes it is.”

This morning I didn’t know how to get up

There’s something in the morning that always gets us to get out of bed. I say this as I lay in mine, deciding when to start the day. These past few weeks have been a battle for me when it comes to getting things done—switching back and forth between productive motivation and bed-ridden depression. YesterdayContinue reading “This morning I didn’t know how to get up”

It’s a Thursday

And some days you just think a little too much. These are not one of those days. As I try and move into a regular routine of care, I hope the consideration I’ve been taking towards my mind will last. Days like this, I imagine it raining. For some, grey skies and rainfall is nothingContinue reading “It’s a Thursday”