Where are you?

I am here. What time is it? Now. Be Here Now was a concept first introduced to me by one of my teachers, Ram Dass. This concept was introduced to him by his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. I later heard this reference rephrased in a book called The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Not onlyContinue reading “Where are you?”

Are poets destined to fall in love forever?

I remember one time, listening to the words of another traveling poet. In his deepest sincerity, he asked himself, why do I fall in love with every single person I meet? I had heard these words a few years back. And when I did, it was as if someone had stole them right out myContinue reading “Are poets destined to fall in love forever?”

Another Monday, Another Passed

Can you believe I skipped a week? I can. Recently I’ve been promoted to Manager of my yoga studio job. And although it’s not as much work as it entails, I still scavenge for time myself. Yesterday, Sept. 6, 2020, my uncle Louie passed away. My heart hurts for my family who see it asContinue reading “Another Monday, Another Passed”