Another morning, another chai

Would I ever get tired of this? Maybe so. The sun is bright today, showing for a warm day ahead. It’s Wednesday and today, I will create art. I’ve been looking forward to this day of the week so I guess in some way you can call it my self-care day. Have you had yourContinue reading “Another morning, another chai”

The morning’s glare

The morning’s glare pierced my skin as a hidden ray made it’s way onto my bed this early morning. Now the clouds cover the skies as if it’s mischievous actions never happened. It’s Thursday and if you know me by now, you should know I’m happy about that. Did you know I have a podcast?Continue reading “The morning’s glare”

We’re already halfway?

I couldn’t be more grateful. Despite how long certain things may take, I’m learning that there is no rush for anything. There is only here and now and all I can do in this moment, is all I can do in this moment. It’s Wednesday, which means we’re already halfway through the work week. IContinue reading “We’re already halfway?”

Another Sunset with You Worth Spending

Any moment with you is one worth spending; Whether we stare at our screens or each other in the eyes— any moment with you is a moment worth spending. To me, these moments aren’t spent. Instead they roam and flutter about in the warm cool air of spring. I watch them pass me by likeContinue reading “Another Sunset with You Worth Spending”

It’s Monday and I Miss You More Than Ever

Sometimes, Mondays aren’t my favorite. Actually, I don’t think it’s ever been my favorite. On these days particularly though, I miss you more than ever. The moment I wave you good-bye, it’s as if I’m planting a boulder in my chest until the next time I see you. These grey days don’t help either. It’sContinue reading “It’s Monday and I Miss You More Than Ever”

The Sacred Lies Within

The sacred lies within everything; within the silence, within the noise, within yourself. When being faced with things that are all too 3rd dimensional for me, where do I go? How can I return to the Source that I’m already within? … I hear a faint radio playing oldies somewhere deep within the mountains. IContinue reading “The Sacred Lies Within”

The more the days seem to pass,

the more I enjoy the gray. Yesterday, I laid out on my balcony to bask in the sun, read a book, and let Haku feel the warm air. Today we both lay in front of the door while I write this to you and she rests. The sounds of rain and chimes sing from myContinue reading “The more the days seem to pass,”

I’m walking, I’m traveling

I’m walking, I’m traveling. I’ve been here since the beginning; since the first time my words met your eyes and eventually were mouthed on your lips. I’ve been walking for a while now; traveling on foot. They ask why I don’t get a car; What’s the point? I can’t get very far.. My mom says,Continue reading “I’m walking, I’m traveling”