Dreams are what’s beyond the surface

I can’t even begin to explain the dreams that fill my mind at night. What are these? Glimpses of the subconscious? Or trips to other realms? Who’s to say the subconscious isn’t just another realm? Last night, I dreamt the end of the world. I’ve had this dream in multiple ways, times before but thisContinue reading “Dreams are what’s beyond the surface”

Are poets destined to fall in love forever?

I remember one time, listening to the words of another traveling poet. In his deepest sincerity, he asked himself, why do I fall in love with every single person I meet? I had heard these words a few years back. And when I did, it was as if someone had stole them right out myContinue reading “Are poets destined to fall in love forever?”

Unity as One, Unity as Separateness

Read my poem for this month’s issue of Kindergarten Mag! There is a natural peace that lies all throughout nature. Some people see it for themselves and yet, carry on so well. Others hear it’s calling…. Click here to continue reading the rest on Kindergarten Mag!

What you seek, is right here

When people come across my cards, website, or Instagram, there is something that brought them there. My favorite thing to say is that everything is Divine placement and timing. As beautiful as this sounds, I don’t mean it to be aesthetically pleasing to the ears or heart. Throughout my journey, there came a point whereContinue reading “What you seek, is right here”

What am I to do on a day like today?

Overwhelmed by the faint nothingness that sits in the silence of this day; what am I to do than to think about love. Our humane facets bring us together for a reason of survival and yet, what is it that makes one fall in love? What makes one say such things… what makes one holdContinue reading “What am I to do on a day like today?”

Where do the days go, if not with you?

I must leave soon so the most I can say, is to love. Love existence. Love it all. There’s nothing more than that and if you do find something else, it very much may be a lie. Where could I go, if not with you? Where do the days go, if not with you? TheContinue reading “Where do the days go, if not with you?”

It gets grey in these mountains,

to think I would ever complain about them is nonsense; at least that’s what I tell myself while reading back to old Grey L.A. posts. Last night, I watched one of my favorite animes, Mushi-shi. It’s a very beautiful anime, I highly suggest it. It put me in this sort of appreciative mood of theContinue reading “It gets grey in these mountains,”

Gooday Mate!

It’s FRIIIAYY! You know what that means 🙂 Check out this week’s episode of my podcast ThirdEyeCyphs here! It’s the weekend finally and I look forward to getting some hours done on my virtual courses. What are you doing this weekend? I hope you have wonderful plans for yourself and enjoy the days that pass.Continue reading “Gooday Mate!”

Where has my poetry gone?

Looking through old works and times, I see the search for perfect words never seemed to slip my tongue. Where has my poetry gone? I hope to find them really soon under drawers of mispronunciation and soiled aged clothes. Yesterday, I did what I said I would. And luckily, I finished. I’ll be releasing itContinue reading “Where has my poetry gone?”