As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,

I find myself putting in no effort. I have a habit of not practicing what I preach, yet I still preach it anyways. These past few weeks I’ve been finding the noise in my head less tolerable. I desperately need meditation in my life. But I continue my usual routine of get up, go toContinue reading “As someone whose main life goal is to attain “Enlightenment”,”

Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!

The title is Diary of a Bodhisattva, and it’s full of original writings and quotes of Tao. Tao is an amazing philosophy that I integrate into my life on a daily basis, and use as a tool to guide me towards “enlightenment”—whatever that means. I’ve just recently put copies up front of Rainbow Juices forContinue reading “Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!”

The Diary of a Bodhisattva

Saturday, Sept. 15th, was the official release date of my first zine, The Diary of a Bodhisattva. Without a table rented, my love and I sat on the floor of LB Zine Fest and handed out my hemp string-bound zine; The Diary of a BodhisattvaΒ is a zine created by thewritingsofnatalia filled with thoughts and wordsContinue reading “The Diary of a Bodhisattva”

Am I wrong?

For craving that sense of adventure, am I wrong? My urge to move– and explore the undiscovered–; Am I wrong, for wanting more? What is a life without your experience, and why would I want one the same as the other? When every day is the same and you fall into routine and get bored–evenContinue reading “Am I wrong?”

Written June 26th, the day I was born 20 years ago.

Today’s my 20th birthday And I feel like I’m having a fucking heart attack. Not because of my birthday, but just because the littlest of things have been giving me anxiety lately. I slept for only 4 hours last night and I feel like I’m running on E. All the plans I had set forContinue reading “Written June 26th, the day I was born 20 years ago.”

Life’s full of bumps

Not sure what life is and you third worlders aren’t helping me. Spent an hour crying to the Universe confused on purpose like I ever got it to begin with. I see images I’m not sure I care for but still ponder them over time; I’m forced with burdens that were never given to meContinue reading “Life’s full of bumps”