“Zines” Step 1:

So as I said in one of my previous posts, I was thinking about starting my own “zine”. Well, I decided I will. They are quite popular here in Long Beach—maybe California in general. For those who don’t know what a zine is, they are handmade magazines/comics, usually duplicated with a copy machine, and broughtContinue reading ““Zines” Step 1:”

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life path,

And how much of a crazy ride it’s been. I’ve known that as a writer, I’m supposed to get out there and gain some experiences to tell the world about how I’m trying to piece together a universe that has all the pieces scattered and hidden in plain sight. But shit it’s been a crazyContinue reading “I’ve been thinking a lot about my life path,”

When your at your lowest, the only way is up

We’ve been here for about a week now and things couldn’t be any better/worse. As water overboils from the pot, spaghetti seems to be the only thing I’ve been eating— Besides this really great fish I (we) discovered called Swai, which I cook with rice. Besides that, my love has no employment as well asContinue reading “When your at your lowest, the only way is up”

Goodbye Monrovia, Hello Long Beach!

I’ve spent most of my life moving from place to place. Back then it may not have seemed like it, but it was nice. Meeting new people, seeing new sights, getting comfortable in uncomfortable situations; all worth it. Now here I am 19 years old—finally on my own, still moving around. It’s even better nowContinue reading “Goodbye Monrovia, Hello Long Beach!”

I haven’t written in a while

And I knew at some point it’d come to this. Today I had my Level 1 Reiki attunement ceremony and it was amazing; I spent the day with my love in meditation and nature, hiking through the mountains of Monrovia Canyon Park. Soon we will be relocating to Long Beach, CA, to spend some timeContinue reading “I haven’t written in a while”

I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately

And I’m not quite sure what they mean. Some beautiful, some disturbing; Receiving message from the beyond. I’ve been learning things from children, finding their souls more pure than mine. Trying to wake up from a dream that only ends when I’m asleep— What does it mean, what does it mean? I see mice inContinue reading “I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately”

I’ve been living in California for over a week now

And I’m already over it. Just kidding! Could you imagine!? It’s the kind of place you can’t get mad if you mistake an airplane for a star, because there are other stars in the sky to look at. Not like New York City; you’re lucky if you see some stars! But I’ve been living theContinue reading “I’ve been living in California for over a week now”

It’s a full moon tonight

And my emotions are everywhere. I knew what I was heading into tonight but I didn’t know I’d be this bad. Besides that, I think I’m getting sick. Waking up at 4 am with a sore throat and congestion was not in my “Cali Agenda”. My love had to make me some tea, brown riceContinue reading “It’s a full moon tonight”