Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!

The title is Diary of a Bodhisattva, and it’s full of original writings and quotes of Tao. Tao is an amazing philosophy that I integrate into my life on a daily basis, and use as a tool to guide me towards “enlightenment”—whatever that means. I’ve just recently put copies up front of Rainbow Juices forContinue reading “Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!”

Order a copy of The Diary of a Bodhisattva today!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to do a quick update on what I’ve been doing. So as you can tell by the title of this post, you can now buy The Diary of a Bodhisattva online and I will ship it to you personally! There is a flat rate for S&H and it’s $1.50; TheContinue reading “Order a copy of The Diary of a Bodhisattva today!”

The Diary of a Bodhisattva

Saturday, Sept. 15th, was the official release date of my first zine, The Diary of a Bodhisattva. Without a table rented, my love and I sat on the floor of LB Zine Fest and handed out my hemp string-bound zine; The Diary of a Bodhisattva is a zine created by thewritingsofnatalia filled with thoughts and wordsContinue reading “The Diary of a Bodhisattva”