Staying awake is harder than it looks

I mean this in every way possible. It seems as if no matter how much I sleep, there’s still so much more to be done. I will continue with my studies today as my deadline draws closer and closer. Maybe this is the motivation I needed. I’m sitting here drinking chai that’s a bit tooContinue reading “Staying awake is harder than it looks”

It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think

Today, I started my day on a work call. This call, I just got off. I will now, actually, be starting my day. And so, I write this to you. How are you? The day is bright and I’d like to add it didn’t start off this way (as it has been). I’ve been informedContinue reading “It’s Not So Early and I’m More Behind Than I Think”

It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing

Let me not say feel like dancing, I am dancing. I skipped, shuffled, and criss crossed down the street on my way to the bus today. It’s a gray day here in L.A. but the sun makes an appearance every now and then. It’s chilly with moments of warmth so you’re either shivering or sweating;Continue reading “It’s Thursday and I feel like dancing”

it’s cold and i can’t get on with my life

as any other morning, the cold creeps through the cracks of sheets looking for any reason to keep you covered from the world. and I give in, as any other morning. I lay here and see what the world is doing and others see what I’m doing; it’s cold and I know it’ll only getContinue reading “it’s cold and i can’t get on with my life”

This Morning I Awake to Gentle Rains,

Light thunder, a grey tinted room, and Haku, my cat, sitting on the window pane to admire it all. She senses the peace more than I. I figure today will be a slow one, as DTLA will hide in their offices against the cold—or maybe even be closed since tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I’ll findContinue reading “This Morning I Awake to Gentle Rains,”