I didn’t write yesterday

Instead I fell asleep at 7 PM and didn’t wake up again until 2 AM; a day gone by. I wonder if I needed that sleep… It’s Saturday and whether I like it or not, I have to work. Monday we’ll be reopening the studio so there’s a lot to prepare for. I look forwardContinue reading “I didn’t write yesterday”

The morning’s glare

The morning’s glare pierced my skin as a hidden ray made it’s way onto my bed this early morning. Now the clouds cover the skies as if it’s mischievous actions never happened. It’s Thursday and if you know me by now, you should know I’m happy about that. Did you know I have a podcast?Continue reading “The morning’s glare”

It’s early and I’m sorry

Sorry, I didn’t write yesterday. I’ve been running around the world with My Love for things I think I need. It’s early and we’ll both watch the sunrise, you and I, that is. I wonder where you are this early in the morning; or if you’re on the other side of things, watching the sunset.Continue reading “It’s early and I’m sorry”

I watched the sunrise this morning

In and out of consciousness, I watched the sunrise this morning. I say this because waking up this morning was, I admit, a struggle. Some days are easier than others but my lack of sleep these past couple of days have been adding up on me. My teacher called me and left a voicemail singing,Continue reading “I watched the sunrise this morning”

It’s an early Wednesday

And I almost already forgotten what I committed myself to. Write every day. Write every day. It’s freezing outside while I watch the sun rise in front of me. The mist of my breath steams out of my mask. Where’s the damn bus? It’s Wednesday and my boss wants me in early. At least IContinue reading “It’s an early Wednesday”

Daylight – A writing

The way light trickles in, it’s hard to ignore the beauty if it all.I think back to times of silence I find even now and realize in the end it was all worth it. I met God in times of trouble, but knew him even more through success.I put myself back into these moments asContinue reading “Daylight – A writing”

Today’s beautiful, couldn’t you agree?

As I returned to my apartment at 9 am, a sharp beam of light laid itself across my floor from the window. The sun was here. Specks of golden dust floated in the air as if they were spreading the light just to brighten my day. This is my favorite part. I spent my entireContinue reading “Today’s beautiful, couldn’t you agree?”

Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ve been enjoying quiet mornings lately; distant birds, occasional passing cars, the silence —not that you get much of it downtown. A lot has been going on lately with the energy of the world but I can’t think back to a calmer time. I guess those times are the ones that a day can goContinue reading “Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”