It’s Tuesday,

and I’m writing this later than yesterday. Again this morning, I looked for something to do other than just wake up. Haku decided to join me on my chest, cuddling me deeper into sleep. This only lasted about 10 mins, thankfully. As my work begins to pile up for the the holiday season, I lookContinue reading “It’s Tuesday,”

Daylight – A writing

The way light trickles in, it’s hard to ignore the beauty if it all.I think back to times of silence I find even now and realize in the end it was all worth it. I met God in times of trouble, but knew him even more through success.I put myself back into these moments asContinue reading “Daylight – A writing”

Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ve been enjoying quiet mornings lately; distant birds, occasional passing cars, the silence —not that you get much of it downtown. A lot has been going on lately with the energy of the world but I can’t think back to a calmer time. I guess those times are the ones that a day can goContinue reading “Today’s Wednesday and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

As I stepped off the plane in Denver Colorado

The sight of snowy mountain tops seemed to have overwhelmed me. I mean sure, there’s some snowy mountains in Pennsylvania—-in the winter. For some reason, I felt as if those mountain tops stayed covered in snow all year long. Probably not though. Submerged in the smell of Pine, I started to head in the directionContinue reading “As I stepped off the plane in Denver Colorado”

Days like this

Remind me of about a year ago, trudging through snow for 4 miles, to my first job as a waitress; words of Tao in my ear, surrounded by love. I remember walking in, soaked up to the knee. It wasn’t my fault my first day was 2 days after Pennsylvania’s most brutual snow storm.  AndContinue reading “Days like this”