Do people read on Saturdays?

What’s usually associated with weekends in LA are hang overs and beach days so I’m sure at some point someone is reading something.. It’s Saturday and I’m up before My Love in order to get some work done. My Cat Haku and I watch a man below our balcony weed-whack the side of our streetContinue reading “Do people read on Saturdays?”

I haven’t forgot

The sun is setting in slow motion before my eyes and the airs not too warm anymore but the cold doesn’t seem to bother either. I’m here with My Love. He’s drawing people playing basketball as I write this to you; How’s your day? It’s hard to keep up with regular schedules on these daysContinue reading “I haven’t forgot”

I know I didn’t write last week,

and something inside me reminded me everyday. I lay here and write this now wishing I did last week, the day after, the day after, and so forth. I pretty much wish I wrote everyday. The holidays continue as Christmas passes and we make our to New Year’s. I feel like a kid again. IContinue reading “I know I didn’t write last week,”