Here’s a late post to add to the collection

Since I’ve come to terms with my current situation (and yes, it took a little bit), I’ve decided to actually state what is happening. So, my lovely readers, I, Natalia Lee, am giving up my first apartment ever. Yes, yes, I know. Why would I do that? Well, if you must know, I never trulyContinue reading “Here’s a late post to add to the collection”

Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!

The title is Diary of a Bodhisattva, and it’s full of original writings and quotes of Tao. Tao is an amazing philosophy that I integrate into my life on a daily basis, and use as a tool to guide me towards “enlightenment”—whatever that means. I’ve just recently put copies up front of Rainbow Juices forContinue reading “Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!”

All mornings feel the same.

Whether you’re in downtown Long Beach, or the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Its 6:22 in the morning and I am walking to work. My shift may start at 6:45, but I couldn’t take my chances with the bus. It’s foggy down here in LB, so when I first walked out,Continue reading “All mornings feel the same.”

I’ve been living in California for over a week now

And I’m already over it. Just kidding! Could you imagine!? It’s the kind of place you can’t get mad if you mistake an airplane for a star, because there are other stars in the sky to look at. Not like New York City; you’re lucky if you see some stars! But I’ve been living theContinue reading “I’ve been living in California for over a week now”

It’s January 21st and

My flight to Santa Ana leaves in 2 days. Rui says, “…your gonna come back, so dont make it seem like your leaving forever…”. But knowing me, how can you be so certain? So I say goodbye anyways just in case I wander off. As the heat of the sun falls on my face, I’mContinue reading “It’s January 21st and”