Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!

The title is Diary of a Bodhisattva, and it’s full of original writings and quotes of Tao. Tao is an amazing philosophy that I integrate into my life on a daily basis, and use as a tool to guide me towards “enlightenment”—whatever that means. I’ve just recently put copies up front of Rainbow Juices forContinue reading “Thank you for grabbing a copy of my Zine!”

The Diary of a Bodhisattva

Saturday, Sept. 15th, was the official release date of my first zine, The Diary of a Bodhisattva. Without a table rented, my love and I sat on the floor of LB Zine Fest and handed out my hemp string-bound zine; The Diary of a Bodhisattva is a zine created by thewritingsofnatalia filled with thoughts and wordsContinue reading “The Diary of a Bodhisattva”

Am I wrong?

For craving that sense of adventure, am I wrong? My urge to move– and explore the undiscovered–; Am I wrong, for wanting more? What is a life without your experience, and why would I want one the same as the other? When every day is the same and you fall into routine and get bored–evenContinue reading “Am I wrong?”

Written June 26th, the day I was born 20 years ago.

Today’s my 20th birthday And I feel like I’m having a fucking heart attack. Not because of my birthday, but just because the littlest of things have been giving me anxiety lately. I slept for only 4 hours last night and I feel like I’m running on E. All the plans I had set forContinue reading “Written June 26th, the day I was born 20 years ago.”

It’s been a month since we last spoke,

And this is all I have to speak about; After partying for a week long with my love, we flew back home last night from Savannah, Georgia. Yes that’s right, I traveled further than my Long Beach Transit bus can take me, and it wasn’t mandatory. Though I may not have been as conscious asContinue reading “It’s been a month since we last spoke,”

As I say Good Morning to the rising sun,

I walk in awe as she sings her song. The warmth of her words find their way over hills and through cracks, preparing the earth for another day. Hello, she says so lightly I can only hear but a gentle breeze. I smile back in return as we exchange glances of acceptance and grace. WeContinue reading “As I say Good Morning to the rising sun,”

I’m juice cleansing for the first time today

And I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have a huge urge to create art. Thus, writing this post. Art. There will be a post by me on TheNerdsList tomorrow about Darling in the FRANXX. Are you watching it? It’s great. I will spend today drinking juice, and one milk tonight, painting maybe,Continue reading “I’m juice cleansing for the first time today”

As the days go by, I’ve been wondering what’s really out there for me

It may be egotistical to say, but I really do wonder what else is out there for me. I know there aren’t things out there specifically for me, but I know there are more things to explore. Since I was younger, I’ve always dreamt of moving to California. So here I am. And as theContinue reading “As the days go by, I’ve been wondering what’s really out there for me”

Chasing after the bus at 6 am,

Wasn’t how I expected to spend my morning— But I did. And now stuck between whats real and not, I’m wondering if this whole life is just the dream. Tired mind and baggy eyes, I don’t expect this day to get much better. I have an interview today after work for what will be myContinue reading “Chasing after the bus at 6 am,”

Today is my first day NOT in training

Today is my first day not in training. This means I will be working front of house, by myself. And no I’m not nervous or anything, I just hope I don’t screw it up. I find myself walking through dark skies of an electric strung city at 6:30 in the morning. I almost forgot aboutContinue reading “Today is my first day NOT in training”