Do you feel the veil thinning?

It’s an All Hallow’s Eve, and the day couldn’t have started any better; My dwelling, surrounded by fog so thick, there was nothing else to see. You couldn’t tell the time but you knew what day it was. You can almost feel the merging of spirits from a long-lost past. How comfortable it is… HowContinue reading “Do you feel the veil thinning?”

Did I forget a day?

Or did the day just leave my mind? Because it’s Sunday and the weekend has left already. I imagine you spending this day with your loved ones or mothers to be exact. I tried to watch a movie with my mom over video call today but she was too tired when I asked. It’s SundayContinue reading “Did I forget a day?”

Today I have the choice to become a new person

—-if only it had started a bit earlier. And though I’m still coming down from a frantic wake up, I hear the birds and see the trees and realize it wasn’t that bad at all. Again, I’m thinking of coffee. Or a matcha latte at least! It’s a chilly Monday morning as I look atContinue reading “Today I have the choice to become a new person”