How open is the sky for you?

No matter where I look,

opportunity is what I see.

I’m excited for what the future holds, even if it seems scary.

It’s Tuesday and I will wake up early from now on. How could I not?

There’s just not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done.

I am driven. I am motivated.

I will succeed.

This is how I’m feeling this month.

Let’s pray it stays.


Summer days, we watch come to it’s end

It’s going to be 100ยฐ today near my home in Los Angeles.

At the moment, My Love and I make our way further to the coast to enjoy our remaining days of warmth.

These days, I do enjoy.

And still my heart settles inside, waiting for that break of fall.

I look forward to the coming months; whatever they may bring.

Like time, I watch the sun rise and fall in front of me;

feeling the air switch from warm to cool then back to warm again.

I hope you enjoy these days too.

There’s nothing else we really can do.

The nature of things just happen;

you can either embrace it

or resist it for a lifetime.

And we all know nothing good comes from resistance.

Anyways, I’ll be here;

soaking in the sun,

feeling the ocean’s touch.

How are you enjoying these days?

I’d love to know.


Days get brighter and cloudier

As the minutes pass, the fog thickens amongst the mountains and my home. I wonder how the ride to work will be.

You’d think as the day begins, the fog would lessen. But between each moment I look out my window, it seems to only grow.

A mysterious day indeed…

It’s Friday and I look forward to a weekend not filled with studying and cramming.

Instead I hope for the sun

and a day at the beach.

With this chill and fog, that idea seems a bit distant.

Do you have plans for this weekend?

I intend to finish my work today smoothly and effortlessly. I wish the same for you as well.

I think about the changes of life that await me, wondering how it will all go down.

Until then, I am here; under the fog and all; riding my bike to Destiny.

Talk later?


“I’m almost there” in a place of no destination

As this site grows, I have no other choice but to grow with it.

Recently, I’ve finished my Therapeutic Yoga certification course. And I passed.

With deadlines and more tasks, I ask myself where a break for me lays.

Thinking about this made me realize I never really will get a break. At least not anytime soon.

No, I won’t. And that’s okay.

I’m learning to incorporate self-care and rest into my ever-growing and changing life. I think with this balance, I never will need a break.

How do I expect to run a multi-billion dollar company? Where does a break lie in that?

My business is a well-oiled machine, is an affirmation that comes to mind.

A break lies in the same place my business runs on it’s own. Until then, there will be no breaking. Just moving forward.

I’m being careful as I feel my body fall into a state of exhaustion. Rest, it says.

I woke up earlier today than usual and I pray it continues.

I intend for my work day to be a short one so I can come home and work on myself.

How are your days lately? Are they busy like mine? What’s your biggest challenge?

I find myself looking for more answers outside than I should but dear reader, I ask, what advice can you share with me in this time of need?

I’ll be here, under the grey clouds of LA this week; not complaining, no. Resting and awaiting your answer.


Staying awake is harder than it looks

I mean this in every way possible.

It seems as if no matter how much I sleep, there’s still so much more to be done.

I will continue with my studies today as my deadline draws closer and closer.

Maybe this is the motivation I needed.

I’m sitting here drinking chai that’s a bit too sweet but it’s fine because I could use it.

Hopefully, it works.

What are you doing today? How’s the weather where you are?

It’s sunny and warm here in the San Gabriel Valley of LA with a nice breeze.

I’ll be inside, studying away until later this evening when I leave to my day job.

I’ll be here if you need me.


The bumps on my arms raise at words of wonder

No matter how silent,

how still,

I can hear the calling of Wonder.

Come to me, come to me, it sings and hums.

My family asks why I left home so early to which my response is,

can’t you hear it too?

The calling,

it’s so loud.

In the stillness of Nature,

through the forests of dark and light,

I travel;

travel far and through, bare on foot.

The world tosses me keys of promise, offering shoes for comfort and medicine for my dreams;

I heard of no such things from my elders.

They too, walked on foot;

through mountains of sticks and stones,

stronger than the forces that bless us on seasons.

Can’t you hear it too?

The call of Wonder?

How beautiful it sounds.

Come to me, come to me.

Will you answer?


Where do promises go when left unkept?

Under a full moon sky, a lovers heart aches to be with her Love once again.

And like the tides of the ocean, her waters too crash with emotion.

There’s so much to do and so much left undone. Where do my promises go?

Motivation arises in the night just to be simmered down by the heat of the day.

Just another morning, as we carry on.

It’s a new week and Mother speaks to me already. Will you always be here with me?

I think about a future with no vision. What could possibly take place?

The wise ones assure me to never fear, as Mother does when I look into her eyes.

How can we plan anything in a world where surprises only exist?

Where is the consistency the system speaks of? Is it in their words? Their promise of comfort?

Or should we learn to trust ourselves and sometimes another? Never giving in to the promises left unkept.

It’s a new week and I plan to conquer it. Inside and out of bed.

I will do my best.

Will you?


Finally, a grey day

I never thought I’d look forward to these.

The air is cool and still I break a sweat pushing my way uphill toward my day.

It’s grey today and I hope it lasts.

Lately it’s been hot without a shade in sight.

This day is a good one while I sit and wait for the next moment.

My feet, grounded in gravel;

there’s nothing but silence all around.

I hear the birds speak to one another as if they call for something distant.

It’s all here.

Are you?


When the journey calls, do you answer?

When I left home to start my adventure, I knew it was an action I had to take.

Ever since, I’ve traveled down many roads.

I’ve lived lifetimes within years and to this day, I start them over again.

I may be embarking on a new journey and when I say this, a new day comes to mind.

Every day is a new adventure; you never know where it will take you.

I have faith in my God.

I have faith in this Universe.

I have faith in my Path.

Nothing can break me.

Nothing can stop me.

I will succeed in all that I do.

I am Eternal.

Everything that happens in my life is to bring me closer on my journey to success.

I will never back down.

This is how I’m feeling today;




I will take all that is given to me and turn it to Gold.

I’m excited for what this new day brings—-

for what this new Way brings.

Expect more from me.


I’m not running from my problems

Instead I’m swimming in opportunity the more they get presented to me.

I never thought this would be easy.

And the harder it seems to get, the more I look for a way out.

I’m sorry I’ve been distant.

If you could see me on the other end, you would see me hovering over every little word wondering where I lost you.

I’m here.

I want this business to succeed. And I know it will.

I’m grateful to be on this path toward success.

It’s the downs I shouldn’t let get to me.

Today, I met a man interested in teaching at my studio job.

The minute I see one ounce of knowledge within someone, a small part of me looks for my Master.

Is it you? I ask briefly in my head.

So far, it hasn’t been.

And as I search through archives of hidden jobs,

I wonder why I can’t hear the audience clapping anymore.

They didn’t leave,

I just stopped performing.

Are you here? Or will you carry on like the rest?

Soon enough we all will. And wonder why nobody stopped and asked for directions…

Ok, I’m rambling.

I’m sorry for the late posts.

I’ve been here, trust me.

Are you here with me?