It’s Sunday and you’re beautiful

It takes a while to understand the Truth.

Some of us are just born knowing it.

I, for one, wasn’t.

And though I understand now at 23, sometimes I still forget.

In a Divine world, it’s easy for this to happen.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Oh but the Universe knows so well.

It’s all a little game that some of us don’t find too fun.

For the most part, I find it quite amusing.

Some days, I don’t. And then I laugh at the fact that I don’t.

What else could I do?


the Truth I speak about (if you don’t know already) is that you are beautiful.

Beautiful beyond your physicality.

I don’t speak of your skin,

your eyes,

your lips,

your words.

I speak of your Essence;

the energy beyond compare.

The Essence that makes up everything in Eternity and beyond.

I don’t care for your clothes,

your laugh,

your endearing smile.

Show me something beyond this life;

something that moves my Soul.

Knowing your Truth

is true beauty.

And you My Dear,

are beautiful.

Happy Sun-daze โ˜€๏ธ


How hard could it be?

Harder than it seems.

Running a business is not easy.

I don’t think any one ever said it was, honestly.

Maybe I just had a small doubt in my mind that it would be.

Oh well.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with waking up early. I say that as if it’s something new.

I wish it were.

Today is beautiful and I’m trying my best.

That’s all I can do.

What are you doing today?

Have you accomplished more than I have?

I woke up this morning, later than I should have, but I’m grateful I did.

I’m grateful to have woken up in the first place.

At least I can say

I’m trying my best.


As adaptable animals, how can we adapt?

It’s seems despite our innate ability to accomplish many things, we still seem to struggle with the details and minute actions that are needed to achieve whatever it is we’re doing.

Why is this?

Well, our minds love to overcomplicate things.

We overcomplicate our entire existence while the Universe sits back and watches us get lost in the illusion.

The truth is, if the result is there, it is achievable. Otherwise, the result wouldn’t exist.

Adaptability is a trait that many of us put on our resumes and for good reason.

This trait should be something on all of our accomplishments list yet we still don’t understand how to deal with change.

Change is a natural law and whether we like it or not, we adapt naturally.

While cavemen back then had larger and sharper teeth to chew through tough flesh, our teeth now resemble nothing but a bunch of veggie eating tools.

Skin color, made to protect us under harsh heat and sun while others to sustain in the cold.

When it rains, we use umbrellas, cover our heads, wear rain jackets and all, and continue through.

No fight, just adaptability.

My point in saying this is that things will come and go.

Things will get bad and good all at the same time but eventually, we adapt.

Why? Because it is our nature.

So why resist? Why question our ability to adapt?

Just adapt.

Surrender to the idea that you do not know the outcome of many things, you may not like certain unavoidable situations, and sometimes it rains.

Grab an umbrella

or enjoy the feel of cold drops on your skin.

Life is Here & Now.

Live it.


The rain whispered me back to sleep

How can I avoid such beautiful times,

under the whispers of the rain and dark morning skies.

They sing me sweet songs, secrets from above;

singing so softly, the hymns of their love.

How can I awake from these beautiful tides

forcing me back to sleep, forcing to close my eyes.

It’s not the rains fault

for such beautiful hymns,

I blame no one at all,

not even the wind.

It is the Source of All Love

that toys with my heart,

that pulls me back to sleep

in the early morning dark.

It’s early, is there anything else for us to do?

When we work the regular sort of jobs that require us to go in and out around the same time of day, it can get a bit repetitive.

We end up walking in line in our daily routines, yawning and stretching, wondering what else we could do.

For those of us who work from home, this can vary. Though a stern schedule and routine would be nice around the house if we could get into it.

It’s early and it’s grey. Nothing new around this time of year and honestly, it’s quite comfortable.

Today is Day 1 of Navaratri. We worship Maa Parvati on this day.

How wonderful she truly is.

I wish you the best of luck, whatever you set out to do.

Enjoy the day while you can as you never know if the next one will appear.


What will you create today?

Without us realizing it, every day we are creating something.

We create our response to things, we create the paths we walk due to the choices we make, we create masterpieces of meals and art, we create our thoughts and we create our reality.

Today, I created the opportunity for me to awake early.

I created the opportunity to have some tea and celebrate the beginning of Navaratri.


is a wonderful day.

The sky is grey yet I see shades of blue attempting to fade through.

I imagine it’s success.

It’s Wednesday and you’re reading this;


Even if you are just stopping by this post and we don’t know each other at all, thank you for being here.

What are your days like? Are they grey like L.A.? Or are they filled with sun and blue skies?

What are you creating today? I hope it’s something brilliant.

Please continue to spread your love and light.

There is no need to be angry or sad or rude to others.

Remain at peace within yourself. Allow no one to disturb that in you.

Be with the glory of the day.

If you believe in God, be in the glory of God.

If you do not, be in the glory of yourself; your inner peace, your inner magic.

Be present and spread no hate.

Love with all you can.




The day settles in and I wake up to my new life

The day settles in and I wake up to my new life.

As someone who diligently practices Law of Attraction and manifestation, even I get surprised about the things I create sometimes.

Lately, I’ve been creating a new life for myself.

One where I am no longer the victim of my circumstances but the navigator of my own life.

We all feel like we’re in control at some point in our lives but the truth is, when we’re not consciously creating or navigating the events that happen in our lives, we are simply just a boat on the ocean of life with no sailor.

Now, as someone who also lives to just be (since there is really nothing to do), I find myself being the sailor, often taking breaks to lay on the bed of the boat and swift gently along the waves.

In between these actions my life lies.

This, I see as The Middle Path.

Acting and being and living both in action and in-action.

And honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why should we be the victim of our own lives when we have the ability to create it?

Why watch those who navigate the waves gracefully while you battle the 100ft waves of the sea?

The option, of course, is up to us.

So here I am, in my new life;

as it is new every other day I awake except this time,

I can see it.


Weekly Check In: How are you?

Hello, my dearest reader, how are you?

The work week has flown by and here we are sitting in Friday, awaiting the restful weeks end.

I hope you have been well.

Today is the first day of October, a new month.

A new month means a new opportunity to reset, start over, and reimagine what you’d like to accomplish for the next 30-31 days.

Achieve your wildest dreams, dear one. You are Infinity itself.

It is only in your Nature, to achieve All. You are, in fact, the All.

Be with yourself. Learn who you are. Remember you Nature.

You are the Universe. You are the Cosmos. You are the fundamental energy that makes up this entire Existence.

Be with this. Remember this.

There is nothing holding you back from being who you are meant to be.

Learn what that means for you.

Go for the things they tell you not to.

Prove to the world that we are Infinite. And when we realize this, the world is ours.

Love, my love.

Love long and hard and Infintely.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love Divinity.


another reflection of You,


What could someone of my age do in a world like this?

This, I imagine being a question of many.

The elders sit around waiting for their end as the world around them grows tighter and colder.

The young are put down by their higher ups while even they can’t imagine their place in this world.

As the months pass, it feels as if the eyes of whom claim to be above, move closer into our individual lives.

We’re watching a mass takeover while we all sit around looking at each other wondering what to do.

With power as such, what is there we can do?

The future of society makes me shudder a bit yet my heart and mind remains faithful in the Absolute.

If anyone understands my message, what I believe needs to be done is remain unbreakable.

Keep your head high and stand with the rest of humanity when it is our very lives and freedom that are being threatened.

Division will be our only downfall and the blame won’t be on them, but us.

Our fate lies in our own hands.

Where do you stand?