A full room of empty thoughts & wonder

And as they rise up to the occasion, they all stand amongst each other avoiding their eyes to meet and tossing around the room. Don’t you know who you are? They all look up, continuing to avoid the connection. It is no wonder we have forgotten the Truth of our Souls. We cannot even standContinue reading “A full room of empty thoughts & wonder”

Do you know of the Gods?

Swirling around you like leaves in a hurricane, whispers of ancient times flirt with the ears. Do you know of the Gods? they giggle. And with open arms you look to the sky at night, trying not to flinch at the sight of the moon. I know nothing, you think to yourself. I am everything,Continue reading “Do you know of the Gods?”

Class with the Devil — My Final Project

Disclaimer: I am attempting toย mimic the writing style of Cormac McCarthyย in this short story. This is my Final Exam/Project for my Science Fiction class. The goal was to imitate McCarthy’s style while staying in the Sci-Fi genre. For those who haven’t read anything from him, his writing style consists of run-on sentences, lack of punctuation,Continue reading “Class with the Devil — My Final Project”