I’ve been living in California for over a week now

And I’m already over it. Just kidding! Could you imagine!? It’s the kind of place you can’t get mad if you mistake an airplane for a star, because there are other stars in the sky to look at. Not like New York City; you’re lucky if you see some stars! But I’ve been living theContinue reading “I’ve been living in California for over a week now”

It hasn’t even been 2 hours yet

And I miss you already. As sleep falls on my eyes at the mid of evening, I’m wishing this nap was with you. In a few more days we’ll be speaking to each other in different time zones—- if we weren’t already.  A couple more weeks, and I’ll be tripping over cases just to catchContinue reading “It hasn’t even been 2 hours yet”

Class with the Devil — My Final Project

Disclaimer: I am attempting toย mimic the writing style of Cormac McCarthyย in this short story. This is my Final Exam/Project for my Science Fiction class. The goal was to imitate McCarthy’s style while staying in the Sci-Fi genre. For those who haven’t read anything from him, his writing style consists of run-on sentences, lack of punctuation,Continue reading “Class with the Devil — My Final Project”