Where does time go when there’s none to exist?

I watched a canopy of yellow smog slowly make it’s way over my city this morning and it hasn’t left since.

Under the amber light of the sun forcing it’s way through, I continued with my day in motion and production.

I eventually found my way home through the dust that hit my throat from time to time,

and prepared for what would be my first meal of the day.

Coffee isn’t always the greatest of things to have in the morning if you know you won’t eat for a while. That’s just my personal observation.

It’s about evening now and I ask myself, where does time go when there’s none to exist?

If only I had a watch that calculated the hours of Infinity.

Maybe then I would know when to catch the sunset.

My day passed by and now I sit and contemplate the remaining words of an article I have left to write.

Do you hear my words?

I tell myself in the mornings that someone out there—deep in wherever—hears what I’m saying.

Is it you?

It’s hard to see through the fog of what I’ll know to be my atmosphere for the next day or so.

I look forward to blue sky once again but until then,

I’ll see the night

and the yellow sky that rises after.

Talk tomorrow?


Published by Natalia Lee

Natalia Lee is a spiritual mentor, writer, and artist. She embodies many types of spiritual practice, one importantly being the Taoist principle of living in harmony with the flow of nature. Another is her expression of devotion toward Source through Bhakti Yoga. At 19 years old, Natalia moved from her hometown in New York City to Los Angeles to begin her pilgrimage of world travel and spiritual inquisition. Since then, she has tackled many personal achievements including the publishing of multiple poetry collections, e-books, physical art pieces, a podcast, and a personal blog & brand.

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