Before I run off to work again,

I want you to know that I am right here with you.

No matter what you may be going through and no matter if I’ve experienced it personally or not;

I am here with you.

We all are.

The things that happen in your life whether you are aware of it or not, are also happening to me. It’s happening to all of us.

And maybe you will never feel or realize this. Or maybe you will.

What it is, is the karmic consequences of all actions.

We are all One. This is no doubt.

And then, there’s Universal Law.

It’s not something we can avoid, it’s just something that happens.

When you are born, you don’t have the option to be born or not, you just are.

This is the same.

Whether you are aware of it or not, it is still happening.

What happens to you, indirectly happens to me and everyone else around.

It’s like a ripple effect.

So, just know I’m here with you.

Going through it too.

Whatever it may be.

So for now,

here I go;

off to work again!


Published by Natalia Lee

Natalia Lee is a spiritual mentor, writer, and artist. She embodies many types of spiritual practice, one importantly being the Taoist principle of living in harmony with the flow of nature. Another is her expression of devotion toward Source through Bhakti Yoga. At 19 years old, Natalia moved from her hometown in New York City to Los Angeles to begin her pilgrimage of world travel and spiritual inquisition. Since then, she has tackled many personal achievements including the publishing of multiple poetry collections, e-books, physical art pieces, a podcast, and a personal blog & brand.

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