How addicting can the day-to-day life get?

Here I am drowning in the daily duties of my life;

so much that I forget to do the simplest of things.

Social media doesn’t help either as it drags us into a sea of uselessness like a girl’s new hair color and someone’s school award.

And here we are,

looking at each other in the face of another, looking for something more.

How can we not see it? Feel it?

That inner craving to find that thing—whatever it may be.

I aim to awaken that spark within you;

heighten your curiosity to the point where you can’t take enough of it and find yourself running out the door in the middle of the night to scream at the moon, who are you!??

And somehow you hear the ocean waves deep within the mountains

and the crickets chirp deep beneath the sea.

How will we ever know?

How will we ever know when we’re drowning—drowning ourselves in the stimulus of our day-to-day lives.

Isn’t it addicting?

Don’t you crave it now? To be seen? Heard?

To laugh, to let go, to not-think. Isn’t it all so fun?

The endless cycles of illusion go round and round as our brains get dizzy from all the—action.

Be still.

Be silent.

It is all Here Now.


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