Today, I will ride my bike

I look forward to riding my bike today.

I haven’t had one in a while.

Instead I’ve been skinning my knees for years traveling here and there by foot and on board.

My knees are tired now. And I look for easier ways to go about my day.

Usually, I’d be running right now. Running for 15 then showering right after. Prayer follows along with food.

Today is Ekadashi, a day to fast.

I say this as my stomach begins to remind me of it’s nature.

I’m sorry if it seems I’ve been away; maybe in my mind.

It’s something I’m battling with at the moment and I’m not too sure who the opponent is other than me.

I wonder how simple I can actually make my routine—

if only it were that easy.

My Haku stares at me in boredom.

Even she’s tired of my ways.

How have you been? Have your days been simpler than mine? I hope so.

I contemplate Chai and wonder if it’s alright on this day.

I hope to at least get something done other than work from my day job.

I wish you success on this day. Whatever you may do.


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