Tell them to stop packing us like sheep!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world,

it’s all the same.

Different people,

different languages;

it’s all the same.

Give us your money. Give us your life. Give us your family. Give us your light, they chant and hum.

They’re packing us;

packing us like sheep.

Covering our eyes and noses with sweet smelling nothings while we quiver in our beds of padded wool and worry.

There’s too many people willing to give up their rights.

Their rights to life. Their rights to freedom.

Some think they were never born with it.

This couldn’t be further from true.

Stick it to ’em!, I say.

Stick them in the ground.

I’ll never be called in by their shepherd. Whomever he may be.

My Shepherd remains High and Above. In the Nothingness you don’t see; Ruler of them all.

You’ll never see me being called in.

No matter how loud the scream.


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