Have you started your quest?

I think the moment one inquires about their True Nature and who they really are, is the moment the quest really begins.

The journey to self-realization is not about seeking. It is about remembering.

Many of those on the spiritual path consider themselves “seekers”.

I think my seeking stopped when I realized there’s nothing to search for. I realized that my entire life would become this game of a dog chasing its own tail and since then, I never saw myself as a seeker.

There is nothing that I am looking for.

The thing I sought, I found.

It is Here Now and no matter how much I look around for it, it will always be Here.

There’s nowhere for me to go.

Nowhere for me to look.

To begin a spiritual quest is not an easy decision.

It involves breaking down every little thing you thought you knew and destroying it into a million pieces until you look in the mirror and see nothing but void.

Nothing but Infinity.

The spiritual path is not an easy one and for anyone who’s in it for the peace and love, hasn’t seen most of what’s coming.

But I promise you,

it’s worth it.


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