I’m busier now than ever

My words seem to be making it more on paper nowadays rather than on here.

And as happy as I am to have this urge to write, I can’t help but to gloom about the delays happening in my business.

There’s no one I need to apologize to and maybe it’s for good reason.

I think the more I try to fit myself in some sort of box whether it be me personally or my business, the more anxious I get about the whereabouts of my growth.

This blog was originally created to document my life and travels while I aim to reach the ultimate goal: self-realization.

I think once I relaunched it as a brand and business, I put a pressure on myself that wasn’t necessary.

The most I can say and do right now is what I will.

Right now, as the world tries to reopen, my day job has become very demanding.

The only time I have for myself is about an hour or so before work, an hour on my break, and an hour before bed.

The pressure I put on myself says it’s not enough. The part of me that knows my limits and destiny says it’s plenty.

And there my life flows in between.

Trying to keep the push of getting things done all while keeping the calmness of taking my time.

I’m trying my best.

And as the days get harder, I try and make them easier.

The theme for this year is balance. Especially time, work, and leisure.

So I’ll remind myself to do what I can, when I can.

On the other note, I just received my first hang drum; an instrument I’ve been wanting since I first heard it’s sound.

And in that time of leisure I look forward to more than ever, you will hear me playing it;

waiting for when the time is right

to fly.


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