Dreams are what’s beyond the surface

I can’t even begin to explain

the dreams that fill my mind at night.

What are these? Glimpses of the subconscious? Or trips to other realms?

Who’s to say the subconscious isn’t just another realm?

Last night, I dreamt the end of the world.

I’ve had this dream in multiple ways, times before but this one was different.

It wasn’t just an event that happened in the blink of an eye but a lasted lifetime.

And when I awoke, a sense of urgency overwhelmed me.

A sense of, I need to be prepared arose.

This quickly settled when I realized I had to start preparing for work.

Dreams are interesting especially when they’re powerful enough to linger.

Some say they are insights. Some say it’s a mixture of bottled up thoughts.

I say, dreams are beyond what the eyes can see.

Whether it be the subconscious realm or the astral,

it’s a world worth discovering.

You never know what you may find.

Happy Monday!


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