I Love How Repelling My Words Are


It seems as if the deepness of my open wound heart that leaks tears of love and pain are all too much for the ears of someone who hasnโ€™t learned to see.

Oh, let me not confuse you as their eyes have been opened to some degree but maybe in times of weakness and death or awakening out of a long dream.

Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadeva rings throughout the vibrating walls of small city caverns.

Lies are spread across some faces while others are turned to disappointment and those who live above the pendulum scream and shout, dance and sing Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadeva.

Oh, how the pendulum swings. The ebb and flow. The yeses and noes. How we dance among one another as if one doesnโ€™t have a knife and the other pretends to know.

I dare spoke words beyond thought and in turn was faced with walls builtโ€ฆ

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