Happy Solar Eclipse!

Are you you feeling the remanence of it?

After shifting into a new Epoch with the most recent lunar eclipse just 2 weeks ago, today’s solar eclipse really grounds us into the new energy grid that is forming around the earth.

A lot of stuff may have been coming up for you these past couple of weeks (as they have been for me too) and now is the time we should be reflecting on these things within.

This whole new energy shift is focused around going within and working through the things we haven’t had a chance to.

I’ve pulled some cards of intention for this time to provide us with a focus and re-centering tool:

With this eclipse being in the sign of Gemini, there’s a stronger sense of communication happening.

There’s been a big theme on speaking your Truth and sticking strongly to what you believe in.

This is where Integrity comes in.

In staying strong to our words and values, this creates an immensely heightened sense of self-esteem.

You must stand truly to what you believe in and stand truly to believing in yourself as well.

This creates a deeper sense of a relationship with not only yourself but with others.

People will see you are firm and strict about how you feel. They will take your points of view more seriously.

You will emit fumes of power, strength, and self-worthiness.

Rememeber, this is a time to be going within.

What is coming up for you? What still needs to be released? How can you serve yourself better?

This is all about caring not only for your whole well-being, but importantly on your mind and values.

Where are your priorities? And where can they be shifted to support your longer-term aspirations?


Well loves, that’s it for this energy update.

I wish you all a wonderful solar eclipse.

Take time out to center with yourselves throughout this.

We cannot hear what is within if we don’t quiet the mind first.


Infinite Love to You All ๐Ÿค


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