Where has my poetry gone?

Looking through old works and times, I see the search for perfect words never seemed to slip my tongue.

Where has my poetry gone?

I hope to find them really soon under drawers of mispronunciation and soiled aged clothes.

Yesterday, I did what I said I would.

And luckily, I finished.

I’ll be releasing it really soon here.

Other than that, the days begin with fog.

The grey seems to settle down into a close-ground mist, eventually fading all together.

My cat, Haku, cries toward the sky as if trying to communicate with the birds.

I wonder what she tells them.

Sometimes I hear their call,

late at night.

And in those 3:33 AM moments, they seem to be the only thing on my mind…

I wonder why…

What will you do today?

Or is your day quite over?

Send me letter,

the oceans wide open.



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