Some days are easier than others

Yesterday, wasn’t one of them.

It disappoints me how one small thing can send me so easily down an endless spiral—

Spiraling into the evening,

into the night,

into my sleep,

into the next day.

Today will be better than any other day because there only is this day, here and now.

What will I do?

I look forward to the beauty I’ll create for myself and I’ll make sure to stay awake for it all.

Yesterday wasn’t easy

and getting up this morning wasn’t that easy either.

I tried my best yesterday and I’ll try my best today.

It’s all I can do.

On days like this, I miss My Love the most.

I wish his presence didn’t console me as much as it did so maybe I could carry on with my life.

It’s sunny today and that makes no difference.

I curse the clouds that overwhelm my skies and pay no attention when they seize to exist;

what is the purpose?

I hope your days are better than mine—even on good days.

See the beauty your life creates

and enjoy it.

Enjoy it for the both of us.


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