You are nothing less than beautiful

My days fill up beautifully with words of Love and cherish.

The more I leave My Love for our week ahead, the more my love grows through the short distance between us.

In the night, I hear his call; no matter how deep the dream…

It’s a warm day today and I look forward to the sun planting it’s tan on my skin.

To start off the week, I invite you to allow the presence of beauty to enter your days.

I ask you to look beyond the flowers and skies for more than the obvious of what it may seem.

There’s a subtle beauty in things, in fact I say, all things.

All things are beauty and if they were not, they would not exist.

There is only Divinity—even amongst the horrid and faint.

I ask you to find the Divine amongst these things.

And how overall, it’s only for our experience.

Within the cracks and crevices of underground deep;

in the darkness and light of it all—

it is there, I tell you.

When you look far within,

tell me,

what do you find?

What is it that you seek?

See the beauty in the All and invite it into your days.

There is only beauty.

And you,

are nothing less than that.

Welcome to the new week. Let’s make it good.


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