It’s Monday and I Miss You More Than Ever

Sometimes, Mondays aren’t my favorite.

Actually, I don’t think it’s ever been my favorite.

On these days particularly though, I miss you more than ever.

The moment I wave you good-bye, it’s as if I’m planting a boulder in my chest until the next time I see you.

These grey days don’t help either.

It’s early and I know your sleeping.

I have dreams of missing you and wake up with the feeling even stronger.

You say it’s just for now yet that’s all I see..

When will it ever not be now?

When will there be a day I don’t have to wave you good-bye for long instead only for trips or days at the office?

It’s Monday and this day will go by fast. I intend on it.

I count the moments I see you again;

I count the moments I can breathe again;

Some days are just easier than others. Is that ok?


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