The Sacred Lies Within

The sacred lies within everything;

within the silence,

within the noise,

within yourself.

When being faced with things that are all too 3rd dimensional for me,

where do I go?

How can I return to the Source that I’m already within?

I hear a faint radio playing oldies somewhere deep within the mountains.

I traveled far and wide to knock on the door of a wise master whom I’m hoping will guide me.

Answers the door, a young girl staring up at my tired face;

Hello, she says.

Hello. Is your grandfather home?

She gives me a smile and excitingly jumps up, Yep! And runs back into the other room to retrieve the old man.

I wait patiently at the doorway.

Will I ever know such a journey? Such a man?

Have I been searching the wrong mountains?

Must I fly across oceans and lands?

I search wildly through my books for guidance.




I’ve thought I’ve learned so much until this point.

How far will I go?

Will I ever realize the here & now?

Have I already realized it?

There is a sacredness that lies within everything.

The moment I saw it, I’ve never wanted anything more.

I will travel eons to live in it’s Divinity.

See it now.

It is only here.

Within the silence,

within the noise,

within yourself.


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